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Travel Costa Rica NOW gets its fair share of emails and in the last couple months the vast majority of those emails have been about moving to Costa Rica now. But should you move to Costa Rica now? Is this the time to move to Costa Rica? Who should and who shouldn’t move to Costa Rica now. I have the answer. If these trying times have caused you to want to move to Costa Rica now, you need to see our new video, ‘Don’t Move to Costa Rica NOW! wait…what?’, now. lol. Definitely a must see.

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Planning on moving to Costa Rica with family?
Move to Costa Rica for a year?
Relocating with a pet? traveling with kids?
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Costa Rica… like, yes-ter-dayyyyy.
So, I’m getting a lot of that, but I can tell…. you know
I’ve been receiving emails I think for like 12 years, you know… whatever it’s been. and I definitely can see a ‘tone’
of emails. I could tell, the people writing them.
I can I can get a tone and I can tell, that these emails about
wanting to move here, NOW. Have this, have definitely an anxiety and a little stress underneath them, and obviously it’s with the current situation of the pandemic. I totally get that, I totally understand that, and I’m all kind of with you on that, and I am NOT saying you shouldn’t move to Costa Rica or somewhere outside the United States. I’m definitely not saying that, but if you weren’t already thinking about Costa Rica prior to the pandemic, and it just kind of came up because of the pandemic. I want you people to take a breath.. mmmmmmmmmm Take a step back please.
I do not want you to rush down here, and then wake up one morning after a night of debauchery, and go.. ‘WTF , did I just do!’ Okay, you have time.. you have time.. okay. what I would like for you to do if you haven’t started this. I want you to look at our videos, and I’m not saying just look at our videos look at other people’s if you want. But the reason I think our videos resonate. ………
one of the compliments I’ve gotten over the years You know what, it’s actually a backhanded compliment. People actually say this ….. “You know michael, I don’t really care for you.” lol not that, but in so many words. I don’t know, maybe they don’t like how I project.
Maybe my personality. Whatever it is, but what they do appreciate is the information is coming, is coming from like an honest place, and I mean I don’t… it’s not really my…. it’s not my business what people think about me personally. that’s fine. But I do, I kind of like the fact that maybe they don’t even really care to watch me, but they little watch just again kind of an honest perspective. So I kind of take that as a compliment. so I’m just saying we have a lot of great videos about if… if Costa Rica is right for you, and then once you’re here, what you can expect. I mean literally hundreds. So I think you should take time, and I think you should take a little bit more time to research. Do a little bit more homework, and maybe not rush down here.
You have at least six months if not longer to get down here to see if it’s for you. for you to aaaaaaa,,, with the good prices that are gonna come from this. I made a video before rentals are gonna drop big-time. You’ll be able to buy property down here for pennies on the dollar. GUATANTEED… All that. I made that video … not that you saw it but i mean… the houses around me all of them. still vacant… still vacant! I made a video about a month ago, whenever it was, and it… rental properties all over my…. all over my town. So you have some time. Now email me with questions if you want I love the email, so you know, keep up with that, but I want you to just hold out for a minute. okay…. just breathe . I’m michael alan for
Peace guys! Hope it helps!


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