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🇨🇷🍳Costa Rican Food🇨🇷🍳

🇨🇷🍳Costa Rican Food🇨🇷🍳

🇨🇷🍳Hi, hello everyone, thanks for being here one more time. In this video I’ll talk about The best local dishes here in Costa Rica, if you are planning to vacation here in Costa Rica or even if you are planning to move permanently here you should know what Costa Ricans eat!

🇨🇷🍳 I am John Ordonez Real estate professional for over 10 years here in Costa Rica specialized in Luxury Real Estate. So if you are interested in Costa Rica real estate and life, this is your channel.

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🇨🇷🍳Costa Rica has many great things and it has delicious and tasty foods, coffee is also famous worldwide and fruits like banana, pineapple, watermelon and some more that are usually exported to many countries around the world.

🇨🇷🍳Regular dishes in Costa Rica are, Gallo Pinto which is the most popular one, it is served normally for breakfast and is basically a mix of rice and black beans, comes normally with eggs, sweet plantain, white fresh cheese, Natilla which is a white kind of sweet cream and fresh coffee, it is very delicious so try it when in Costa Rica.

🇨🇷🍳Olla de Carne, is a meat soup mixed with local vegetables and normally served for lunch, this special dish came from a Jewish meal called Adafina very common among Jewish in Spain used for Shabbat celebration.

🇨🇷🍳The use of tortilla is very common in Costa Rican, actually from Costa Rica to the north of the continent; the use of the tortilla increases a lot, tortillas are very well made here and homemade tortillas are the best.

🇨🇷🍳Rice and beans, is another very famous dish here in Costa Rica, it is more popular on the Caribbean side and black people in the country, it has great flavor similar to Gallo Pinto however, it uses red beans, coconut, chicken with a delicious sauce and usually comes with a unique hot sauce. This special dish has its roots from the area of Louisiana in the United Estates. If you have the opportunity, please try this dish!

🇨🇷🍳A Casado is a common dish in Costa Rica, normally served at lunch and dinner, it comes usually with white rice, beans, local salad, picadillo which is a vegetable cooked with sauce, sweet plantains and a piece of meat to choose from chicken, meat, pork or fish. This is the most common dish in all Costa Rica; you can find it even in the most exclusive restaurants and hotels in the entire country, very similar to Gallo Pinto as well.

🇨🇷🍳Other common dishes are Tamal which is usually prepared in December or special national dates, it is made of corn flour, potatoes, vegetables and pork, it is wrapped in a Plantain leaf, cooked in water and ready to eat.

🇨🇷🍳These are some of the most common and popular dishes, I believe for sure there are some other delicious foods in the country as well! The country is rich in nature and the soil is very rich so basically one can grow anything.

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🇨🇷🍳I hope the information is useful for you, and I hope you enjoyed the video as well! Shooting this video made me hungry so I will go ahead and eat some delicious Costa Rican food!

🇨🇷🍳Thanks a lot for being part of the family and I hope to see you soon in the next video!

See you soon!


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