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ūüĒī[ LIVE SEPTEMBER 03 ] COVID-19: Professor Didier Raoult attacked before the Order of Physicians.

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ūüĒīDr Marcel Benoit

ūüĒī[ LIVE SEPTEMBER 03 ] COVID-19: Professor Raoult attacked before the Order of Physicians.
Professor Raoult attacked before the Order of Physicians.
The French professor of infectious diseases Didier Raoult is the subject of a complaint to the order of physicians of the Marseille area (South), which accuses him in particular of having unduly promoted hydroxychloroquine, a drug against malaria , in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic.
Since the start of the epidemic, the defense of hydroxychloroquine by Mr. Raoult, who heads the Mediterranean Infection Hospital-University Institute in Marseille, has sparked many controversies in the scientific world, in France and beyond.
“We confirm the filing of a complaint with the Departmental Council of Bouches-du-Rh√īne (Marseille department) of the Order of Physicians, but the SPILF does not wish to speak during the procedure,” said a spokesperson for this association.
Asked Thursday, the entourage of Professor Raoult meanwhile assured that he had never received any notification of this complaint.
According to the daily Le Figaro, which revealed the information and obtained the arguments, the SPILF, an association which has more than 500 members, criticizes the Marseille researcher for the promotion of hydroxychloroquine “without any data acquired from science is clearly established on this subject, and in violation of the recommendations of the health authorities ‚ÄĚ.
“One can wonder if his very clear-cut positions (…) have not contributed to harming the message of prevention of public health”, continues the complaint, quoted by the daily.
US President Donald Trump hit the headlines in May when he revealed he was taking hydrochloroquine as a preventative measure.
Professor Raoult has been conducting clinical trials for several months with his team in Marseille on this inexpensive and commonly used treatment for malaria, and says that it is effective.
But many scientists and the World Health Organization have criticized Professor Raoult’s studies, saying they were not conducted according to standard scientific protocols.
On its site, the National Council of the Order of Physicians explains that a complaint from a patient, a practitioner or an association first gives rise to an attempt at conciliation. If this fails, the request will be forwarded to the disciplinary chamber.
Each year, a quarter of complaints are deemed inadmissible. A conviction can range from a simple warning to a radiation, sanction which prohibits a doctor to practice.


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