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10 Best places to live after you retire.

We find the 10 best places to live after you retire or get pension.

Countries from Costa Rica to Vietnam have entered this year’s ranking of the best places in the world for retirement by the American magazine International Living, reports YahooFinance. 

“Our choice of countries reflects the huge differences in lifestyles and locations – these are the places we think you will find the best combination of factors suitable for a happy retirement abroad.

The magazine uses 10 criteria to calculate which countries are best suited for retirement. Factors include living costs, housing, health care, pension benefits, visa residence, integration into local society, entertainment, development, climate, local governance and opportunities. Ranking is determined based on statistics and real-time correspondence from journalists around the world.

The best part of this is that the 4 best place to lives in the world is LATIN AMERICA COUNTRY.


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