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13 Places Around the World to See the Bluest Water

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The only thing better than a beach getaway is escaping to a location that has crystal blue waters. Whether you’re participating in a water excursion or just lounging on a quiet beach, you’ll see the clearest, bluest water at these 13 locations:

1. Cocos Island, Costa Rica
This island is a prime location for scuba diving and snorkeling, not only because of the clear water but also because it’s inhabited by 300 varieties of fish and over 30 species of coral. Get that waterproof camera ready!

2. Knip Beach, Curacao
A snorkeler’s dream location is Knip Beach on the island of Curacao. The water here is as blue as the liquor this Caribbean country is known for.

3. Devil’s Bay, British Virgin Islands
This destination, has some of the clearest water in the entire Caribbean. You’ll have to climb through large boulders, swim, or take a boat to get to this destination, but it’s worth it in the end.

4. Koh Lipe, Thailand
There are four main beaches: Karma Beach, Sunset Beach, Pattaya Beach, and Sunrise Beach. They each contain calm and shallow water that’s practically see-thru. It really doesn’t get any better than this!

5. Five-Flower Lake in Jiuzhaigou National Park, China
It is so clear, you can see straight through to the bottom. This location is also surrounded by brilliant vegetation and stunning waterfalls.

6. Jaco, East Timor
The locals are prohibited from visiting the island since it’s considered a holy place, but native fishermen gladly help tourists navigate their way to Jaco to enjoy its turquoise water.

7. Con Son, Vietnam
This area was previously known for its political history and as the home to prison inmates. But today, it’s known for being a tropical paradise, covered in pristine white sand, and visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of the turquoise water.

8. Islas del Rosario, Colombia
Pick from any of the tiny, relatively uninhabited islands and you can enjoy the crystal clear waters lined by white sand beaches. Then, throw on some snorkeling gear and take a plunge into the water to view Colombia’s largest coral reef with your own two eyes.

9. Havelock Island, India
It’s not easy to make the trip to Havelock Island, but it’s worth it. Catamaran ferries make the 90-minute trip from Port Blair to this beach. Once you arrive, you can see firsthand just how clear the water is for yourself.

10. The Maldives
The Maldives is known for its luxury resorts and lavish accommodations, but it’s also well-known for its gorgeous blue waters. Rent an overwater bungalow in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and you’ll be surrounded by the most beautiful turquoise-colored water.

11. Egremni Beach, Greece
It is a favorite because of the brilliant blue hue of the ocean. The treacherous trek to get there means that Egremnoi Beach isn’t a crowded destination, so you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the gem-colored ocean in peace.

12. Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada
The lake is one of many inside the national park that has turquoise water that you have to see to believe. To up the selling point, this lake is surrounded by jaw-dropping mountains and lush vegetation.

13. Palawan, The Philippines
If the jungle-filled mountains don’t take your breath away, you’ll be in awe once you take a peek at the crystal clear lagoons and picturesque beaches with emerald-colored waters.

Which one would you like to visit?

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