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167 | The Holy Grail – We're So Close | INSPIRED Livestream 5/27/21

Tune in for the INSPIRED Livestream with Jean & Kristin Nolan at 2PM Central.
► We were incredibly surprised.
► Even a little shocked.
► And so inspired.
▶︎ It had never happened like this before.
► The holy grail.
▶︎ We’re so close.
► Let’s talk about ti.
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▹ EUCY – Eternal Universal Consciousness Y – is our spiritual teacher (s) from “higher consciousness”. They have been with us for many years and are giving wonderful insight on the Laws of the Universe, The Law Of Attraction, Enlightenment, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Advice, Spiritual Awakening, Self Awareness, Inspired Living and how to manifest a Fulfilled and Abundant life.

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