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Hello everyone! And welcome to my project “Naturist’s notes”! Oh, today again the video-answers to questions. And this is a very interesting question that came from young people. Therefore, I will disclose the issue as I understand it. By the way, immediately, in advance I ask experienced nudists, practitioners of men. Guys, help me in the comments, add and add to fully disclose this topic. This is my message to you. And, here we go. I get letters from young guys who decided to try themselves as nudists and naturists. They say: “we went to a Nude beach…” I understand this is the first time. “I’m going all in anticipation…” The guys watched a lot of movies, videos, I don’t know what they watched there. “I go in anticipation, I come to a nudist beach, look around, and instead of beautiful naked girls I see some strange women, sometimes aged, naked. I was upset, my mood fell and everything fell. I won’t go there again. It makes sense for me to go there.”. Well, let’s solve this problem! Let’s go! Well, if they answer a banal and harsh question like this, say: “Guys, what did you want when you went to the Nude beach?! What were your goals and what was the motivation? By and large, you do not need to go to the beach, but to a party, etc.” But, I believe that such an answer would not be something that is not correct, it would be fundamentally wrong. Because here to say, any young man will say, I will not go any more. The situation is that naturism and nudism in their origins is not a party. Young people who are watching me now, nudism is not entertainment in the sense that you can come to see naked girls, get excited, get acquainted, etc. Nudism and naturism is a lifestyle. If you take it seriously, naturism is a deep philosophy. The most important thing is that when people come to a nudist beach, they come there to relax. Rest, relax, taking care of your health, both physical and spiritual. Why, because physically the body breathes, the sun, nothing squeezes the body. Wet clothes are bad for your health, especially if you have a weak spot of the prostate, you can catch a cold. Especially if prostatitis turns into a chronic form, I can immediately upset those who go to the textile beach. This is for health, this is rest. And of course for the soul, a person relaxes when he is without clothes, he has a completely different perception of the world around him. This is the first one. And the second thing is that he is really resting psychologically. About this I have videos about meditation, about this I will have videos about how to practice meditation and yoga on the beach and in nature. Please go ahead and watch. Subscribe to the channel. It will be great! I haven’t really talked about it on my channel yet. As for looking at others. Young people, generally on a nudist beach is not accepted to consider anyone. And as either. This is one of the principles and laws of nudism. If you take large nudist beaches abroad, there will not be welcome at all if you look at someone closely. And you may even get yourself into trouble. Think about it if you fly to sunbathe abroad. You can be accused of anything, including sexual harassment. “Why is he looking at me?” if the girl doesn’t want to. On nudist beaches relax. And if we talk about women, then women who calmly take off their clothes. Believe me, these are self-sufficient, bold, very creative, bright women nudists. It is very interesting to communicate with them. But if you want to find a girl naturist or nudist, it is best to do it in social networks.

See full in this video: 1steps in naturism. I’ll tell you about…. Naturist. Nudist. Nudismo. Nudisme . INF. Mila.

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