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5 Countries with Mandatory Health Insurance

Five (and more) countries are requiring health insurance to cover visitors just in case they get COVID-19. Many can’t cover the expense and want to make sure that you can.

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“The reason for requiring healthcare coverage is to prevent local healthcare providers and governments from having to foot the bill for uninsured tourists,” the Allianz spokesperson said. “The coverage also does protect travelers from potentially catastrophic medical bills or emergency medical transportation costs.”

While many nations are requiring a negative COVID-19 test for entry, an insurance policy that would cover potential medical costs during the trip is a separate requirement. The cost of the initial COVID-19 test required for entry is typically separate from the local health insurance coverage, which typically begins the moment you touch down for the trip.

The countries that require proof of international health care coverage are, of course, going to change over time.

The current list as of this recording are:
– Aruba
– Costa Rica
– St. Maarten
– Tahiti
– Turks and Caicos
– United Arab Emirates

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