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7 Household Toxins + How To Avoid & Protect!

There are so many toxins, chemicals, and pollutants we’re being bombarded with in our everyday lives, and while it can seem overwhelming and stressful, we’re here to shed some light on how to protect yourself. Equipped with the proper upgrades, you can feel less fearful and more empowered!

We’re sharing the top 7 toxins that have been on our radar, as well as what we’re doing to guard and protect ourselves from the junk found in our drinking water, food, personal care & cleaning products, and more…EMFs, VOCs, BPA, Teflon, Glyphosate, Parabens, Phthalates, the list goes on!

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Resources Mentioned:
★ Our Natural Home Cleaning Video:
★ Dark Waters movie:
★ Erin Brockovich movie:
★ Down To Earth Netflix show:
★ The Trust Cost documentary:
★ Think Dirty app:
★ Dirty Dozen Clean 15 Produce List:

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