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IL VIAGGIO TRAVEL is a proud SPONSOR of the Accessible Beaches of Costa Rica.
The 100% accessible beaches project of the Costa Rican Accessible Tourism Network Association was born from the need of this organization to provide the beaches of Costa Rica with facilities so that people with disabilities can enjoy the sun, sand and sea in equal conditions 
Many providers in the chain of value of the tourism industry in Costa Rica have quite accessible facilities, thanks to the 7600 law, including hotels, theaters, museums, some markets, volcanoes, national parks, among others. But when it comes to enjoying the beach and the sea there is a barrier that is a common denominator everywhere. There are no showers, no changing tables, no parking, and no place to do physiological needs that can be used with dignity by a wheelchair user.
In January 2017, the Costa Rican Accessible Tourism Network Association started seeking additional sponsorship to help carry out this project. In July 2019, the organization was part of a select group of innovative projects and organizations from around the world that were invited to participate in a program organized by leading digital travel platform to identify and support non-profit projects in sustainable tourism. Because of the unique and holistic combination of social and environmental impact, as well as its inclusive approach to help everyone enjoy a visit to the beach, the Accessible Beaches Project was part of a handful of initiatives successful in securing a grant from to help bring their vision to life.
During 2019 and 2020, the Costa Rican Accessible Tourism Network was taking the corresponding steps to launch the first accessible beach in Costa Rica, a model that seeks to be self-sufficient, replicable and successful for other beaches in Costa Rica.
What are the elements that make up the accessible beach of the Costa Rican Accessible Tourism Network?
1. Designated parking for people with disabilities
2. Accessible pathway between the parking lot and the trailer as well as a Retractable Walkway to the seashore. All made with recycled plastic from the DONATAPA campaign.
3. Amphibious chair made with recycled plastic from the Donatapa project and floating arches. Both allow the user to safely enjoy the beach and the sea.
4. Transfer Crane on the trailer to transfer the person from their own wheelchair to the amphibious chair and also to safely use the toilet, bath chair and bath bed.
5. Adapted toilets and changing tables under universal accessibility laws where anyone can shower, change and use the bathroom in a safe, comfortable and decent way. In this case the Accessible Trailer.
6. Value chain trained and accessible
7. Visible lettering with pictograms and easy interpretation
8. The whole design is with high impact colors for people with low vision

The entire complex will be rotated throughout the country, opening a different beach every 6 months. It includes all the aforementioned implements as two important awareness campaigns for the community and the chain of value.
These first 6 months in Playa Hermosa Guanacaste the accessible trailer will be placed on the property of Hotel Playa Hermosa Bosque del Mar from 8am to 4pm where all people have access to parking, bathrooms, and showers for a cost of c5,000 colones per person. The companions, family, friends, people who go to the place must pay this amount. People with Disability have FREE ACCESS.
This project is emerging as one of the best projects of the year 2021. Not only because of its social and environmental focus, but also because of the opportunity to generate economic reactivation. It is estimated that 15% of the world population and 18.2% of the national population have some kind of disability and it is a very little explored market segment.
We faithfully believe that accessibility is not only a right but also the best route to the new normal where EVERYONE can enjoy our beautiful country!
For more information you can contact the Costa Rican Accessible Tourism Network.
Phone. (506) 22898225
Whatsapp. (506) 89179727
Web Page.
Facebook: @AccesibleCR / @CRDonaTapa


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