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ACE Update interactive session on Redefining Urban Infrastructure and addressing new age challenges

As urban infrastructure grows and evolves there is a necessity for them to adapt to newer possibilities keeping in mind the burgeoning population of human assets it has to support. This is not an easy task as it involves redefining the structure of urban space, creating satellite townships, expanding transportation networks. making cities smarter, energy efficient and sustainable whilst ensuring the cultural ethos of the city is not lost in translation.

Such a task requires a proper symbiosis between architects, town planners, smart city experts, heritage and restoration specialists as also green and sustainable architecture. ACE Update Magazine conducted an interactive session online on Redefining Urban Infrastructure and addressing new age challenges on January 21st, 2021.

Key Speakers:
Mr. Arijit Sen, Modon Properties
Mr. Nilesh Gandhi, Metadesign Architects
Ms. Jeenal Sawla, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
Ms. Shruti Purohit, 9 Squares Architects

Moderated by:
Mr. Prasad Nair, Editor, ACE Update
Mr. Vikas Bhadra, Associate Editor, ACE Update


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