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Adventure Travel Costa Rica – Coconut Beach (Tim and Kelsey get lost Ep 040)

Come along as we find some beautiful remote beaches full of life!

Our Goal:
It’s simple – We are following our dreams and living our passion and we hope by sharing our adventure you find some inspiration in your life.


Be part of our adventure!
There is so much world to explore! We love sharing our adventures with you and there’s plenty more to see! Your support will help with better camera gear, internet to upload videos, gas, and of course some beers and tacos to keep our creative juices flowing!

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Check the links below for more Dirt Sunrise!

Links to our gear in this video:
Check out:
– Slee for the front bumper
– 4×4 Labs for the rear bumper
– Icon Vehicle Dynamics for suspension.
– The Lifesaver Jerry Can water purifier:
– Our Spark Drone!!!
– Our main video Camera:
– Our secondary Camera:
– Our real gopro:
– Our “fake” gopro’s (cheaper knock offs):
– Microphone:
– Garmin Inreach Explorer +

(Although we still have our SPOT we now use our Garmin Inreach almost exclusively. The coverage area seems better, we can get weather updates and download maps as well as communicate 2 way with others in case we needed help. It’s taken the place of our 10 year old SPOT. Garmin Inreach Explorer +)

Song: Hello Dreamer

Song: Ischia
Artist: The Mini Vandals

Song: Acoustic Symphony
Artist: Hanu Dixit

Song: Dinner for Two
Artist: SYBS

Song: Like a Polaroid
Artist: Spazz Cardigan

Song: If You Close Your Eyes I’m Still With You
Artist: Late Night Feeler


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