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Adventures in the Caribbean

From beginner to expert Adventures we will have it all! The Greatest locations with Events and Activities, Sporting Events with Regattas and Fishing, Food Events and more.
Join us every week for new and exciting Adventures throughout the Caribbean.
We will also be visiting all of the Best Hotels and Restaurants!
Experience and Integrity

With over 15 years in Puerto Rico and extensive exploration of the Caribbean, you will find WTD in PR your #1 source for the BEST of Tours and Activities on the Island of Enchantment and beyond. As the host and founder of the show Adventures in the Caribbean, your friend Caribbean Chris will personally assist you in finding the BEST Adventures for you and your group. With a true passion for fun and a love of tourism throughout the Caribbean, you will find your friends at WTD very happy to help with whatever you need.

Call us today and see the difference…



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