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Africa: The Conservation Continent: Horasis Extraordinary Meeting, October 1, 2020

The Conservation Continent: Africa’s New Opportunity for Development
The outbreak of COVID-19 has dramatically impacted Africa’s economy, but in every crisis, there is an opportunity. For Africa, this is an opportunity to invest in nature, carving a path to prosperity. How can Africa protect biodiversity and its economic future and why is it so vital? Can Africa be the poster child for nature and humans living side by side in a sustainable way?
• Hailemariam Desalegn, Former Prime Minister of Ethiopia
• Russ Feingold, Former US Senator and former Special Envoy to Great Lakes Region of Africa, USA
• Rashid Sumaila, Director, Fisheries Economics Research Unit, University of British Columbia,
Chaired by
• Rita Zaghloul, Coordinator of the High Ambition Coalition for Nature & People, Ministry of
Environment and Energy of Costa Rica


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