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A couple days ago I asked you a question on Instagram: “If you could ask one thing about specialty coffee what would it be?” I collected all of your questions and answered as many as I could! You asked some really great questions, everything from brewing equipment to expanding your palette, from water chemistry to terroir and more! Keep an eye on my Instagram account (@alexander.mills) for the next Q&A opportunity.

Links to things I mentioned in this video:
Fellow Atmos:
Porlex Mini:
Baratza Encore:
Fellow ODE:
Instant Coffee:
Luminous Coffee:
Clementine Coffee:
Third Wave Water:
Peak Water Filter:
Zero Water Filter:
Budget Brewing Setup:
“Making Coffee” Podcast Episode #21:


My Coffee Setup:
My Camera Setup:

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0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Pre-ground coffee?
1:48 – How I store my coffee
2:58 – Universal grind size?
4:02 – How to find the perfect grind size
4:46 – Best home grinder
6:19 – What about instant coffee?
8:00 – How important is good water?
10:07 – Best brewing temperature?
11:36 – What do you drink other than coffee?
12:47 – What essentials do you need on your brew bar?
13:12 – What metrics should I use to evaluate my cup?
13:38 – How can I improve my palette?
14:24 – What coffee regions tend to produce what flavours?
16:05 – What should a newbie know about home brewing?


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