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Awaken Your Relationships Ep 42 | How to release your resistance

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Julie Murphy CLU, ChFC, CFP®, is an independent CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®, author and media expert who wants you to heal your emotions so you can prosper financially, and in life.

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TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE FEARS AND OTHER UNHEALTHY EMOTIONS AROUND MONEY. Whether you were born rich, poor or somewhere in-between, money has always been an integral part of your life. However, too many people have fears and other unhealthy emotions around money. These debilitating beliefs are most often subconscious, shaped by a lifetime of early experiences seen through other people—not based on objective reality. Can you break free from these restrictive beliefs and emotions, be able to “dream big”—and actually accomplish your hopes and dreams? The answer is yes: Now, finally, there is a way to harness the powerful energy around money and build real wealth.


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