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Barriers to Training Opportunities for LMIC Surgical and Anesthesia Clinicians

This event, hosted by the Transformational Dialogues Coalition, discussed the main barriers for LMIC based perioperative clinicians in accessing training opportunities and solutions for addressing them.

Chaired by Dr. Ambereen Sleemi
Dr. Sedera Arimino, Vakinankaratra Hospital, Madagascar
Professor Abebe Bekele, University of Global Health Equity, Rwanda
Dr. Carolina Haylock-Loor, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Professor Salome Maswime, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Dr. Percy Rossell Perry, Edgardo Rebagliatti Martins Hospital, Peru
Dr. Omolara Modupe Williams, Lagos State University College of Medicine, Nigeria.

Transformational Dialogues is a broad coalition of individuals and organizations from the global surgery community working to identify and address issues of neocolonialism and inequities in global surgery.
For more information, please visit www.decolonizingglobalsurgery


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