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Beaches of the Nicoya Coast l Costa Rica l

This week we reveal a true gem and take you on an adventure along the east coast of the Nicoya Peninsula to three awesome beaches! In fact, we think that one of them is SO amazing it’s the best beach you’ve never heard of!!!

Pack a cooler, grab your coozie, a hat and a towel and let’s go to the beach!

We check out three beaches along the east coast of the Nicoya Peninsula you’ve probably never heard of but will be glad you have now! Playa Blanca, Playa Pajaros and Playa Mangos!

I was going to call this “Did I Do This Video Topless!?” and I think you’ll see why… but no, this is fine for the whole family I just never really got my bikini top in the shot by accident! 🙂

Plus, we’ve got in-depth videos on other amazing places in the Gulf of Nicoya:
Playa Pachote
Arbol De Dios
Isla Tortuga
Playa Muertos

Cheers and happy travels!

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