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Black Lives Matter Webinar: Justice for Peaceful Black Soledad Prisoners

This public webinar will focus on voices from Soledad Prison, both currently and formerly incarcerated, as well as other system-impacted people, following the July 20th attack on Black prisoners at CTF Soledad.
Since the July 20 racist cell extraction, there are 69 confirmed cases of COVID infection at Soledad. There were no reported cases before the raid. The city of Soledad is also heavily impacted by the nearby River wildfire. Air quality is poor and prisoners have been told to close their windows. There is no air conditioning or air ventilation inside.

Organized by We Bring Change, Prisoners Solidarity Committee of Workers World Party and No Justice Under Capitalism.

Partial List of Sponsors: California Coalition for Women Prisoners, California Prison Focus, Agents of Change, Community Before Cops, Pause the Calls, 831 Actions Teams, Fair Chance Project


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