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BORA BORA – RETURN TO PARADISE, 2019 🌴🌴 4K60 Mind-blowing scenery

Return to Paradise – we are mostly adventure-driven as you will quickly find from this and our previous trip to Bora Bora – drone flying, kayaking and freediving with sharks and other marine life are big with us three and we always strive to capture it all as we’ve seen and experienced it – from underwater, ground and from the clouds(my playful daughter’s fascination and affection with sharks keeps on soaring, as she spends time around them).

As for Le Taha’a – this place is unbelievable. Lives up to the hype and more. Very hard to express in words but we had very high expectations and they were exceeded and then some. Staff were incredible, grounds were beautiful – the whole experience was unsurpassed. It was very hard to leave and we very much wish we hadn’t.
French Polynesia’s dazzling beauty is a surreal experience as the following 20 minutes try to reveal the unmatched splendor of the scenery but also the adventure side of Bora Bora and the excitement of being immersed in Nature’s ultimate creation….


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