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Buying a Costa Rica Container Property Sight Unseen – Glen Stokes w/#CostaRicaMatt

Glen Stokes bought a Costa Rica container property without *ever having been to Costa Rica*. Originally South African, he now lives south of Playa Negra and is having a blast going through a radical lifestyle change.

There are many reasons to move to Costa Rica, and one of Glen’s top priorities was surfing. In considering his next location for the perfect surf home, he chose this container home in Costa Rica, just south of Playa Tamarindo.

In this interview we cover some basic questions —

How does Costa Rica compare to other countries?
How is the process of buying property in Costa Rica?
Glen’s Costa Rica container property.
And some general stuff about buying real estate in Guanacaste, specifically.

Special thanks to Ray Beise of Pura Jungla for making Glen’s transition a success.

If you are moving to Costa Rica sometime soon and have decided that you want to find real estate somewhere near Playa Tamarindo, please email me at

To find my listings, visit

Thank you for watching! And thank you to Glen Stokes for all your spectacular wisdom on moving to Costa Rica & buying Costa Rica real estate.



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