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VLOG #27 – Today we meet 2 very interesting locals who made work of their passion and hobby. From painting projects for the tourist information centres around the country to home made gelato in a small hostel kitchen.

The adventure has finally begun. Follow us in our journey around the world. From beautiful highlights to stunning nature, life amongst the locals and meeting interesting people. Drone flights and trying new foods, we do it all while also sharing with you our personal experiences and a peek into our private lives.

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00:00 – Opening
00:11 – santa Elena
00:17 – Up up and away by Liza Schizas and family
00:22 – Pension Santa Elena
00:47 – Back to the room
05:25 – A token of gratitude
06:49 – Finding the kitchen
07:32 – Making gelato with Ryan
12:25 – Time for tasting
15:28 – Pets of the hostel
15:38 – Next episode preview
16:06 – Channel of the week: Liza Schizas
16:58 – Bloopers
18:22 – Closing sequence
18:41 – End screens and links


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🖐 Hi everyone! For the people who don’t know us yet, we are Bastiaan & Yolanda. We are originally from the Netherlands. We have met each other in Spain in 2010 where we lived at that moment.
Decided to go back to Holland again where we got married in 2014.
Still very much in love! If you think a little bit too much, well that’s just the way we are 😉
Also we love sharing our passion of travelling. This travel vlog started as a hobby and we met a lot of people during our travels. We decided to share our travel experience with other people who can’t travel but still want to see the world. But also for the people who can travel to give them some ideas for their next travel destination. We already have been traveling to over more than 50 countries together. We like it so much that we decided to sell our house and go traveling non stop.
Do what we love the most and still learning every day.
We are very thankful for this opportunity and everyday we are aware that life is just one big adventure!

Thank you all for your support! 🌹


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