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Cauhita National Park + Jaguar Rescue Centre visit | Backpacker Budget | Costa Rica TRAVEL VLOG

Cauhita National Park is a rarity in Costa Rica, it’s free! Well, donation based but it’s one of the cheapest ways to see nature in Costa Rica. We saw more here than any other place we had been.

In this travel vlog of the Cauhita National Park we explore the trail in search of animals and also visit an animal rescue centre just outside nearby town of Puerto Viejo, called the ‘Jaguar Rescue Centre’ (There are way more animals than what the name suggests).

Cauhita National Park lies along the Caribbean Coast of Cost Rica and has easy to follow trails. You can loop all the way around from one side to the other in a day. It is adventurous, with the need to cross rivers and the ocean at times, and full of free nature. Sloth, raccoons, lizards, monkeys and more if you can get out to snorkel.

You can pay for a guide, and many people who came here from nearby town of Puerto Viejo paid for free nature! That is crazy to us. We stayed in Cauhita town, it’s not the cheapest place but it’s quiet and chilled compared to Puerto Viejo, which is known for partying. Here we were able to walk to the Cauhita National Park in minutes, see nature, hitch a ride back to town and take a bus to a stop near the animal rescue centre.

The animal rescue centre (Jaguar Rescue Centre) was the highlight of our whole trip in Costa Rica. Not for profit and only $20 for a guided tour of the site. It is NOT a zoo, they do incredible work and have very talented individuals, volunteers working for them. The passion they showed and work they explained to us was amazing. The care taken to look after animals not able to be re-integrated in the wild, and those that are being re-habilitated is something you can only really see and feel in person.

We talk about our time there as we wanted to respect the tour and the animals by not filming too directly, as should be encouraged if you visit Costa Rica in general, don’t be too intrusive of nature. Enjoy free National Park, Cauhita…

Join as we learn how to navigate this world, with a backpack on and camera set to record. Our day to day experiences, the highs and the lows. REAL backpacking, hostels, transport.

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All footage shot on Canon G7xii, iPhone 8+, Go-Pro Hero 5. Edited on Adobe Premiere/Audition by Adam from Travel Bubble.


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