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Coffee Tour El Cafetal Monteverde Costa Rica

A Monteverde coffee tour is a MUST if you love coffee! Check out what the El Cafetal Coffee Tour is like, they are a small, family owned farm that produces organic and sustainably produced coffee. More information in the links below to help you plan your trip to Monteverde.

We had a great time on this Costa Rican coffee tour in Monteverde and wanted to share our wonderful experience with you guys. Their website:


Costa Rica blog:




We are here at the San Luis coffee tour in Monteverde we’re going to learn all about Costa Rica production. If you guys love coffee, you’ll like this video. Let’s go

El Cafetal Coffee Tour offers one of the best cultural experiences in Monteverde as visitors get up an up close and personal experience learning about the cultivation and process of coffee farming. Their coffee, called Cafe San Luis is produced organically and sustainably on their small, locally owned family farm. As coffee grows best at an elevation of 800 to 1600 meters in altitude and temperatures from 17 to 28 degrees Celsius, coffee grows very well in Monteverde.

The owner of the farm, Victor, showed us the coffee trees of different ages, how to pick coffee by hand, and how they process the cherries, dry the beans and separate the good ones from the bad ones. Something really interesting about Costa Rican coffee is that by law, they can only grow Arabica coffee, they cannot grow Robusta coffee because being a small country, Costa Rica can’t produce high quantities of coffee so they focus on producing high quality coffee.

Victor and his family have been running this small coffee farm for many years and you can tell that he is still so passionate about it and takes great pride and joy in sharing his philosophy for taking care of the trees, processing the coffee in an organic and sustainable fashion and teaching his visitors about how coffee helps and ties their local community together.

One of the highlights of the tour was the traditional house where they showed us how they used to grind cofee.

So this is how they used to grind coffee back in the old days. Let’s see if I can do it.

And then at the end, came the best part – coffee tasting! We sampled a few different kinds of coffee and of course, bought some bags home.

We just finished the San Luis coffee tour, we really enjoyed it, it was really interesting to learn about the cofeee production here. So if you guys come to Monteverde we hope you can visit the San Luis coffee tour, thanks for watching.


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