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COLORFUL WALK 🤙 Stroll Through QUEPOS, Costa Rica 🇨🇷 (2021)

This is Quepos, Costa Rica, which is a smaller fishing town on the Pacific Side and south of San Jose 🇨🇷

→ We’ll start at the Marina, which is on the south end of town. There are a few hotels and short term rentals up the hill behind the Marina, with lots of wildlife around including monkeys.

→ Continue north and you’ll find a skate park and walking path along the water. Lots of benches and sitting areas, as well as people fishing off the rocks.

→ We turn right on Av. 2, which is where there’s a Farmers Market on Friday’s at around 4pm. It’ll be across from the very colorful Parque Central de Quepos. This street is where you’ll start finding lots of restaurants and shops. Further down Av. 2, there’s a soccer field and an intersection with Calle 5. If you turn right on Calle 5 you’ll head towards Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, which is highly recommended. You can catch a bus from Quepos to Manuel Antonia for about 330 colones(very cheap). The bus stops all along the route.

→ Down Calle 5 we’ll see Parroquia Inmaculada Concepción de María, a church with great architecture. At the corner of Calle 5 and Av. 5 there’s car rentals and Hotel Le Priss Inn, a very cool looking hotel. Calle 5 / Av. 5 is very busy and seems chaotic, but is orderly if you’re confident with driving.

→ Turning left down Av. 5, there’s more supermarkets for stocking up on your food or housing needs while you’re here. We’ll go by La Madre Park as well, which has a path that will take you over to more local restaurants and hotels. Check out the food at De La Finca for sure.

→ Back towards the water, and we’ll hit highway 235. On this strip there’s a tackle shop for fishing, coffee shops and hotels. The Quepos welcome sign is here, which is great for a photo. At night there’s lots of fishing near this sign while it’s high tide. During the day you can watch surfers in the ocean as well.

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