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Come on Down! Costa Rica is Open! Covid Update

Great News, The Costa Rica government has added the states of Texas, Florida and Georgia to the list of states that are allowed to Come to Costa Rica effective October 15th.
Even better news is that effective November 1, 2020, all residents from states throughout US and Washington D.C. are allowed now in Costa Rica.

As a reminder if you are coming you are still required to meet the health standards and protocols that were implemented by the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica. They are listed below.
Here is a link to the US Embassy in Costa Rica detailing all the requirements for tourists and US resident of Costa Rica

The requirements for tourists that are interested in coming to Costa Rica and reside in an approved area prior to October 16th and then those areas after November 1, 2020, are as follows:
A) All people entering Costa Rica must complete the digital epidemiological form. This is known as the “Health Pass” or “Pase de Salud.”
B) Tourists must obtain a negative PCR-RT coronavirus test. The sample for this test must have been taken at most 72 hours before the flight to Costa Rica. If you have a layover you are not allowed to leave the airport and it can only be for 18 hours.
C) Tourists must purchase travel insurance that covers accommodation in case of quarantine and medical expenses due to COVID-19. This policy can be international or purchased from Costa Rican insurers. The Minimum is $50,000 USD health and $2,000.00 for lodging.
D) Tourists from the United States must demonstrate, via their driver’s license or State ID, that they live in one of the authorized states.

If traveling with Children click the link below for the details as this is important as well.
Accompanying minors are not required to have a driver’s license or State ID card. The Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) has an English-language website detailing these entry requirements:

Many people have inquired is it safe to come to Costa Rica during this Covid mess? Well in my opinion YES. The number of active cases as of October 3rd are just over 32 thousand, there is roughly 5 million people in Costa Rica, that is approximately .006% of the population.
In the country of Carrillo, where Playa Hermosa, Playas del Coco, Ocotal and surrounding areas are, the active case are 53, with a population of roughly 46 thousand people. That equates to approximately .001% of the population. Proper social distancing is required as well as face masks in all closed environments, like stores.

The beaches are open until 2:30 in the afternoon and all the national parks are open. These are just 2 of the many reasons people come to Costa Rica.
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