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Costa Rica Crew Medical Assistance is committed to providing each marine patient with an exceptional level of care and customer service. At Costa Rica Crew Medical Assistance, we are proud to be managed and operated by Promares, a one stop full service ship supply chain manager. Our dedicated staff works together as a team to provide high-quality comprehensive care. Our compassionate and understanding doctors take pride in paying close attention to each patient’s needs.

About Costa Rica Crew Medical Assistance:

Costa Rica Crew Medical Assistance is a Maritime Medical Management group that offers the logistics of medical and cosmetic services as well as streamlined access to Costa Rican Hospital and care providers. Costa Rica Crew Medical Assistance is part of Promares, a one stop full service ship supply chain manager. Some of the services that you can take advantage of are:

Marine Care: Costa Rican Health access, Costa Rican Physicians, providers in San Jose and near the seaports.
Three emergency rooms/hospitals with US-European graduated doctors and standards: Cima San Jose Hospital, Hospital Clinica Biblica, Hospital La Catolica.
Several specialty clinics and affiliations with smaller clinics and doctors groups.

Costa Rica Crew Medical Assistance combines the best network in Central America. Our supply chain management team can save you time and money by accessing rapid appointment scheduling, hospital emergency room consultations, admissions, assessment of diagnostic needs or drug and alcohol testing. Finally, Why not treat yourself to a cosmetic retouch in cosmetic surgery paradise. Remember Costa Rica is big in the cosmetic surgery arena.

Costa Rica:(506) 2290-9192 Mobile: (506)8853-3333


USA: (305) 459-3132 Skype: costaricashipsupply

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