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COSTA RICA IN ONE WEEK: Your Free Costa Rica Itinerary | Costa Rica Dreaming

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Costa Rica in One Week | Your Free Transit2Freedom Costa Rica Itinerary:

7 Days or 1 Week in Costa Rica? This action-packed Costa Rica itinerary is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and fill you up with that blessed #puravida. Venturing across Costa Rica’s volcanoes, into hot springs, to waterfalls, through cloud forests and much more I hope this guide can help you make the absolute most of your next trip to Costa Rica!

Each day of this trip is available in more depth as part of my Costa Rica Dreaming series – you can watch the trailer here:

Costa Rica is a first rate eco-tourism travel destination not to be missed. With 0.03% of the Earth’s land mass and 5% of its bio-diversity, Costa Rica is every nature lover’s dream. Costa Rica Dreaming documents my second trip to this beautiful country 🇨🇷 #puravida

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