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Costa Rica is open! Is it safe to travel to Costa Rica now?

Costa Rica is open for travel. Is it safe to travel to Costa Rica during COVID -19? I have been living and traveling in Costa Rica for 15 years. Costa Rica has opened its borders to more and more states and countries. Hotels have health protocols in place to ensure the clients’ safety and when booking the activities in Costa Rica they will all be at 50% capacity to be able to keep the required distance from each other. This actually allows for a better experience as there are a lot less people.

Do not worry about traveling in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is open and it is safe to travel. The local Tourism industry needs your help so we hope to see you here in Costa Rica.
If you need more information on the requirements to enter Costa Rica, who is allowed, and more, email me here please:
If you would like a video on the exact requirements or a more detailed video on what’s it like to travel in Costa Rica now, please let me know in the comments.


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