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Costa Rica Life Renewing Residency in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 She Did it in 1 Hour ⏳ Retire Move Live

#CostaRicaLife #LivinginCostaRica #residency ‘Costa Rica Life Renewing Residency in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 She Did it in 1 Hour ⏳ Retire Move Living’ Thinking about retiring in Costa Rica? Living in Costa Rica? Making the ultimate decision to make the move to Costa Rica? Eventually, when you have lived in Costa Rica long enough and you decide it is a good fit, you need to think about obtaining and applying for your residency. Residency just makes things easier. Jai has lived in Costa Rica for about 11 years but just got residency for the first time about 4 years ago under the Pensionado category. Which means she uses her social security check to guarantee to Costa Rica that she has at least $1000 coming in per month. Jai accidentally let her residency lapse by about a year, although she continued to pay into the CAJA (the healthcare system here) every month. She decided she needed to fix this and get her residency back. This is her story. AND a story about Costa Rica. The way they do things which basically means that the only thing black and white here is nothing is black and white here 😉 It also says something for the reverence and respect they have for the older generation. Everyone has a grandmother and every older person in Costa Rica is treated as such. Could you do what Jai did? Could you renew an expired residency in an hour? Is she an exception to the rule or is everything a possible exception to the rule(s) in Costa Rica? I thought this little story was interesting. And remember it happened in Ciudad Quesada, not San Jose. Ciudad Quesada is a much more relaxed setting to do one’s residency. ‘Costa Rica Life Renewing Residency in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 She Did it in 1 Hour ⏳ Retire Move Living’

I once made a video about the, ‘Hardest Thing About Living in Costa Rica’ and the gist of the video was that nothing is black and white here no matter how black and white it may appear. At the time, I found that fact very frustrating and stressful. But as time has passed I have been able to embrace the idea that nothing is black and white here and more often than not, it can work out for you in many situations that it probably shouldn’t work out for you. And Jai’s story is a perfect example of this. This is ‘RESIDENCY’… paperwork, documentation, hoops, forms, red tape, immigrations lawyers more often than not…. and 84-year old Jai, who was a year expired walking out with her renewal in about an hour. Only in Costa Rica…. only in Costa Rica.

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Wondering where the gringo’s live, where the expats are? Here’s few favorite places and areas US, Canandians and Europeans like to live in Costa Rica- La Fortuna, El Castillo, Nuevo Arenal, Tiliran, Tamarindo, Samara, Nosara, Mal Pais, Montezuma, Manuel Antonio, Jaco, Dominical, Uvita, the Osa Peninsula, Grecia, Atenas, Santa Ana, San Ramon… just to name a few 😉

I hope you ENjoYed this video, ‘Costa Rica Life Renewing Residency in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 She Did it in 1 Hour ⏳ Retire Move Living’ and hope to see you in Costa Rica very soon. From all of us at Travel Costa Rica Pura Vida.


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