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Costa Rica Tourism in 2021 – Where are we headed? with Richard Bexon, Namu Travel Group

In this interview I’m joined by Richard Bexon of Namu Travel Group – one of the largest luxury travel agencies sending travelers everywhere from Mexico to Columbia – to discuss Costa Rica Tourism in 2021.

Obviously, the government shutting down travel from March to November of 2020 was a black swan event for tourism in Costa Rica. The question is, “Where is Costa Rica tourism headed in 2021?”

I was also curious to compare Costa Rica to the other countries to which Namu sends their clients. Here’s what we discussed:

4:03 – What happened to Costa Rica tourism in 2020?
7:49 – How does 2021 compare to 2020 for Costa Rica tourism?
13:16 – How does Costa Rica compare to other tourism destinations in Central America?
20:32 – What do tourists say about their Costa Rica experience?
22:16 – What changes are happening in Costa Rica tourism in 2021?

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