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Costa Rica's Government & Political Situation – Explained in 5 Minutes

More people are looking to move to Costa Rica for political reasons – they are disgusted, fed up and tired of the government and politics in their home country. Many want to know – what is Costa Rica’s government like? Does Costa Rica have a socialist, sprawling government or is it in danger of becoming a single-party autocracy?

In a brief overview of five minutes, I try to give the information about Costa Rica’s government that is most important to folks interested in moving to Costa Rica. This is not meant to be an kind of expression of criticism or support for any particular form of government, policies, etc. Instead I meant to put in plain terms a few things that foreigners want to know about the government of Costa Rica.

Those considering investing here also want to know about recent protests, demonstrations that were taking place while I recorded this on September 30, 2020. I touch on the demonstrations towards the end of the video.

I had previously put together a blog on more specific aspects of the government here, link below.


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