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COVID-19 : I should have, could have, might have, may have, would have, must have gone to…?

… Costa Rica !
AMELIORER votre anglais – Ihr Englisch VERBESSERN – MEJORAR su inglés

In this video, I have taken an English grammatical structure, which even my better students find difficult, and put it into a ‘story’… so you can hear it used naturally!

I have been in COVID-19 lockdown, probably like you, so I have shared where I should have gone on holiday, what I could have done there, what I might have, or may have seen, what I would have been like.

I made this video with a special thought for all the small businesses of the tourist industry, for whom it must have been difficult, when most people were forced to cancel their holidays, like us.

We were really looking forward to going to Costa Rica, meeting the “Ticos” and driving in a four-wheel drive through the beautiful countryside, but, we are lucky not to have spent our holiday in hospital with the COVID-19 !

Enjoy this trip and look forward to seeing you for the next story!

Rachel, smileEnglishstories

If we can go to Costa Rica one day, and decide to go on the same route, we will reserve here again!

Where we would have rented a car :×4-costa-rica.html
(based in Costa Rica, run by a very friendly French guy, Pierre, and his team. Easy to reserve and cancel if necessary. They also do specialised insurance and a reductions card for different activities, and have a small group of family hotels ‘Chez Pierre’.

Where we should have stayed :
– Hotel Milan, San José (near the bus terminal for the Caribbean, they organise taxis from the airport)
– Jungle Beach Bungalow, Puerto Viejo (near Gandoca Manzanillo National Park on the Caribbean coast)
– Secret Garden B&B, Cahuita, (family B&B near Cahuita National Park on the Caribbean coast)
– Hotel La Choza Inn, Fortuna (Arenal volcano, hot springs)
– Cabinas Piuri, Parque Nacional Volcán Tenorio, Rio Celeste (family bungalows by the river, 800m from National Park entrance)
– Cabinas Las Ardillas B&B, Monteverde (cloud mountains)
– La Villa Río Segundo B&B, Alajuela (near the airport – they can order a taxi)

ENGLISH GRAMMAR in context – GRAMMAIRE ANGLAISE dans son contexte –
Last week, I should have flown to Costa Rica. I could have gone to the Caribbean, or driven to the mountains. I might have seen a sloth or I may have tasted the Costa Rican coffee. It would have been relaxing.

I should have… J’aurais dû… Ich hätte…sollen Debería haber…
I could have… J’aurais pu… Ich hätte… können Podría haber…
I might have… J’aurais peut-être pu… Ich hätte… können Podría haber…
OR I may have… J’ai peut-être… Ich habe vielleicht… Puedo haber…
I would have… J’aurais… Ich hätte… Habría…
I must have… J’ai dû… Ich muss… sein Debo haber…

+ BEEN + ING (action at the moment you are talking about)
Today, I should have been staying in the mountains. I could have been walking in the tropical forest. I might have been watching a tropical bird, or I may have been looking at the colourful flowers. I would have been enjoying myself.

I should have been… J’aurais dû être en train de… Ich hätte…sollen Debería haber estado…
I could have been… J’aurais pu être en train de… Ich hätte… können
Podría haber estado…
I might have been… J’aurais peut-être pu être en train de… Ich hätte vielleicht… können Podría haber estado…
I may have been… J’aurais peut-être pu être en train de… Ich habe vielleicht… Puedo haber estado…
I would have been… J’aurais été en train de… Ich hätte… Habría estado…
I must have been… J’ai dû être en train de… Ich muss… haben Debo haber estado…

Music :
Sunny Rasta by Alexander Nakarada |
Music promoted by
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Sound effects : (Mike Koenig)

Video :
Monteverde Superman Zipline — Monteverde Adventure Company 27/09/17

Photos :
San José, Gran Terminal del Caribe
Gandoca Manzanillo National Park mangrove electic boat trip
Leatherback turtle
Ponytrecking Arenal


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