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Cycling from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo in Costa Rica / World Class Surfers Come Here to Compete

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Welcome to LEO US PASSPORT channel! I really appreciate your visit.

I love traveling. The world has so much to be explored out there. Learning other cultures makes me a better person, and helps me live better.

This video is about my cycling day from Puerto Viejo along the Caribbean Coast down south to Manzanillo, Costa Rica, which is very close to border to Panama, 1/2021.

Costa Rica is a tiny country in Central America. It’s beautiful with its Caribbean & Pacific Coasts. Also, it’s tropical with lots of beautiful beaches, jungles, and lots of amazing natural species. People are laidback, and friendly. Foods are amazing and inexpensive. Check the video out! ….Pura vida…!

That would be a privilege for me that you watch the video, Like, Share, and Subscribe to my channel to see more of me 😉 oooooh, shoot,…to see what I have to offer 😉

Thank you very much indeed.



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