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Dear Subscribers, michael alan From Travel Costa Rica NOW Has Something to SAY!

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Dear Subscribers, I got something to say, actually 2 things. So, will a vent, go on a diatribe? Some of you guys have been following and/or subscribed to Travel Costa Rica NOW for a long time, booked packages, been supportive when you probably had better things to do and took the good videos with the bad videos. And for those new folks, or just the people who watched a couple ‘travel tip’ videos before visiting beautiful Costa Rica, anyway, something you need to know and I’m definitely going to tell ‘whoever’ it is who watches or subscribes to Travel Costa Rica NOW’s videos, NOW. It’s been a loooong time coming. Check it out.

We are a full service travel agency for Costa Rica with packages and info

If anyone would like to get ahold of me personally, for whatever reason or Travel Costa Rica Now’s email-

Pura Vida.


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