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Dental Implants at Advance Dental Costa Rica A dental implant consists of a procedure in which one or more teeth that have been lost are restored regardless of the reason of why they were lost in the first place.

This treatment consists of two phases. The first phase is surgical in which the implant is placed and in the second phase, the implant is put to work through a restoration, whether a crown or a bridge.

Within the surgical phase, the most important factor is the existence of enough bone to be able to host the implant; the evaluation of whether the amount of bone is the necessary one is done through a clinical evaluation and 3D X-ray exam. During the clinical evaluation, an assessment is made to verify that the patient does not present untreated systemic diseases, depressed immune system or is a an active smoker.

If these factors are controlled there is no counter indication for the treatment; on the other hand, if the patient presents one or more of these risk factors, a consultation with your doctor may be necessary to evaluate the placement of the implant.

For the X-ray examination, an exam designed for the placement of the implants is used with the purpose of carrying out the surgery in a virtual way through a computer. This exam provides us with information regarding the thickness of the bone, the height, which nerves and arteries are in the area where the procedure will be done and with this, the procedure’s safety and success is guaranteed.

In case there is not enough bone, the necessary precautions are made and the possibility of generating bone through bone grafting or sinus lifts or another bone regenerative technique is analyzed.

After these phases, the implant is placed and the treatment may last between 1 and 2 hours, under local anesthesia.

The second phase is done 6 months later after the implant site have healed, and we are able to place the crown or bridge on top of the implant.

At Advance Dental Costa Rica, we are proud to use high quality implants from well-known brands, with high standards of sterilization, which prevents infections, loss of the implants and following complications of the same implants.


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