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Dental Surgeon, Costa Rica – 2 Stage Implants Over Immediate Load Dental Implants?

This video shows a leading Costa Rica dental surgeon discussing why people still prefer 2 stage dental implant over immediate loading.

The surgeon explains that the two main reasons involved in such preference can be
– the dental surgeons practicing 2 stage implants were only trained to do so, as training for immediate loading would demand more time.
– big companies invest more money in 2 stage implants as it promises more profit in place of the simple & quicker procedure involved in immediate load implants.

Due to affordable dental implants in Costa Rica, its quality dental care and dental clinics equipped with the latest technology, it has become the choice of many across the world for their dental treatment. In addition, the Costa Rican dentists are highly qualified and internationally trained.

Please click on the above link for more information on 2 stage implants and immediate load dental implants.

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