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Discover Playa Muertos, Costa Rica

The secluded and mysterious beach of Playa Muertos, also lovingly known as Playa Vivos, awaits! Discover this hidden treasure amongst so many popular and crowded beaches; it stands alone.

Located between Paquera and Tambor on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. The calm Whale Bay is a wonderful place to go snorkeling and often great for seeing turtles, dolphins and whales as well!

Rent a kayak in Playa Pochote and work up a sweat in the 30 minute paddle to the white sandy beach. It’s also an easy drive and then a relatively easy walk. At low tide you can pass around the point instead of up and over the little hill, although do bring some shoes or sandals as it is rocky. Lastly, and easiest is to hire a panga or small fishing boat to drive you over from either Pochote or Tambor.

Once you arrive there is a picture perfect beach waiting for you, crystal clear water and a kid friendly swimming area known as the “pool”. However, do pay attention to bigger swell and any strong currents.


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