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First Latin America Woman Accredited by the AACD

Dr. Marianella Marín, part of the team of dentists at Meza Dental Care, in Costa Rica, has become the first woman in Latin America accredited by The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

Dr. Marín explains how the accreditation is a long and hard process. It requires a written exam, the presentation of five cases, and an oral examination. She says that once you start the process, you move to the next level as a cosmetic dentist, and that anyone who wants to grow in their practice as a cosmetic dentist, should take this path.

Dr. Alberto Meza, founder of the dental clinic, who is also accredited by the AACD, is extremely proud to have Dr. Marín as part of his team of professionals, and highlights her value to the dental clinic.

Adriana Fernández, Customer Journey Manager at Meza, underlines that the dental clinic really has the best team of professionals and equipment, and that its top priority is keeping up with the latest dental technology, cosmetic trends, and encouraging professional growth.

We recommend you to practice dental tourism in Costa Rica, and discover your new smile with the best cosmetic dentists at Meza Dental Care!

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