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For You and Those You Leave Behind: Estate Planning

Attorneys Anita Schnee and Mitch Cash will offer a free virtual presentation on the importance of planning for end-of-life, or for when you can no longer speak for yourself. Some of the areas covered will include: how to maintain dignity and choice in health-care, how to stay out of court, save on taxes and protect your legacy from the prohibitive expense of long-term care in your advancing years. They hope to help you understand the importance of and the ways to plan for the end of your journey.

Anita has practiced law for thirty years, half of those in Fayetteville. She has served as a judicial law clerk in the state and federal systems, taught at the University of Arkansas Law School, and is now very pleased to focus her practice on elder law.

Mitch has practiced law for twenty-four years in the areas of estate planning, real estate transactions, and property rights litigation. He has served as District Court Judge of Searcy County, Arkansas, as well as president of the Arkansas Legal Education Board. Currently, Mitch has narrowed the focus of his law practice areas to life care planning, elder law, and estate planning.


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