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Full-Time Travel Lifestyle as a DIGITAL NOMAD FAMILY of 5 | Growing Up Without Borders

Chantal Patton and her family have traveled full-time for 8+ years, and they’re 98 countries into their mission to visit every country in the world.
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As a digital nomad family, The Pattons have a remote business and also a very popular YouTube channel that the whole family works on.
In this interview we chat about the traveling full-time as a digital nomad family, how they manage homeschooling and their remote jobs, some of the amazing tips and tricks they’ve discovered along the way, and much more.

00:00 – Introduction
01:52 – How they got into full-time travel
05:08 – What they did with their home & stuff
07:16 – Advice for families getting into the travel lifestyle
08:15 – Free accommodation and home exchange tips
10:42 – Their online businesses
11:50 – Travel with kids, and homeschooling
16:05 – Pros/cons of full-time travel with kids
19:45 – Balancing school + work + travel lifestyle
23:15 – Productivity and ergonomics when you work from home
26:05 – Advice for remote work families who want to travel
27:21 – How much to plan in advance
29:06 – Balancing YouTube and an online job
30:31 – Advice for aspiring YouTube families
32:18 – Being in New Zealand during the pandemic

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