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Future of Lazy Mon – The End of an Era – Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

There have been a lot of changes happening with The Lazy Mon. The Lazy Mon started up with a group of six friends and we decided to do a project in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. This project was a great experience but now it is time to focus on a new direction. We have come to an agreement with the property owners in the property will be returned to the name of Stanford’s. And it will be called Stanford’s Beach Club. We’re going to take this time to tell the story of The Lazy Mon and how we began. We will also be focusing on giving you tips about how to do business in Costa Rica and Puerto Viejo specifically. We learned a lot over the last nine years we want to share that information with you. So stay tuned for the next phase of Lazy Mon where we get away from the brick & mortar business and focus on the future. So look forward to videos and guides about many different things including:

-How to start a business in Costa Rica
-Hiring staff and protecting yourself legally
-Costa Rica laws
-Research and developing a business plan
-Construction processes and permits

So we are looking forward to helping you be more informed about what it is really like to open a business in Costa Rica and all of the details that are involved in the process.

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