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(GH007) Leishmaniasis and Global Health

#globalhealth #publichealth Leishmaniasis is the third leading parasitic cause of DALYs globally… and is the subject of this #NDPHTN training session. Dr. Terry Dwelle will:

– Review the global burden of Leishmaniasis
– Review the life cycle of Leishmaniasis
– Review Leishmania clinical syndromes
– Review Leishmania diagnostic tools
– Review basic treatment options for Leishmaniasis
– Discuss basic concepts of personal and community control measures for Leishmaniasis


The North Dakota Public Health Training Network (NDPHTN) provides on-demand, practice-based training for the public health workforce around the world. To date, over 12,000 students from 106 countries have enrolled in more than 31,000 sessions of our classes on TRAIN, the Public Health Foundation’s learning network.

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Dr. Terry Dwelle is the former North Dakota State Health Officer and the current President and Educational Director of North Dakota Public Health Training Network (NDPHTN). He has over 40 years of clinical and public health experience in the United States, Eastern Europe, Latin and South America, and Central and East Africa.


This curricula is approved by the National Board of Public Health Examiners for Certified Public Health Continuing Education (CPHCE) credit . To receive 2.0 CPH contact hours, you must pass the post-assessment in TRAIN at 80% with a score of 4/5.

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To get your Certificate of Completion for this class:

– Register for this class on TRAIN at
– Pass the post-assessment at 80% with a score of 4/5
– Pay the $5 certificate fee


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