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GIRLS TRIPS TO COSTA RICA! | Monteverde Cloud Forest

Happy Thursday I know I know I am a day late but I have been all over the place and to be honest it has been a crazy few weeks. I have been preparing for traveling and then traveled and came straight to working 40 hr week… so my schedule has been all over the place and honestly I have missed the vlogs but I definitely feel the pandemic has placed me in a position that I am a lot more shy all over again and I have to get used to vlogging once again and being myself!

ANYWAYS, this is the beginning of my girls trip to the monteverde cloud forest in COSTA RICA, and let me just say PURA VIDA!!! This trip overall has left me so speechless and in love with costa rica definitely a place I would revisit and honestly it was not all that expensive there was a few expenses we were not waiting for… like prior to arriving in costa rica or when arriving you must have some type of health insurance which you can purchase at the airport in order to get through customs in case if you catch covid over there you are covered ( I’ll place pricing down below…) and the transportation to monteverde cloud forest as well we rented a private shuttle I will place all that information for the people that we contracted and felt safe with… I hope you guys enjoy part one of our trip… We ended up hiking in the monteverde cloud forest, as well as did a coffe, chocolate, and sugar cane tour, and ended our first night with a night hike !!!

Itinerary for day 1 in Monteverde + Travels :
Covid Insurance –
Sagicor Insurance – $74 per person ( there were 4 of us..)
(7 days the amount of time we were there)

San Jose, Costa Rica to Monteverde Cloud Forest –
Juan Carlos
whatsapp – +506 8890 5080
$140 (one way) w/o tip included for driver // w/ tip $168
$280 (one way) w/o tip — w/ tip $336

Where we stayed –
Trapp Family Lodge Hotel
(The Garden View 2 Queen Suite)
– had complimentary breakfast each morning of our stay
– they pretty much helped us plan everything during our time in monteverde made sure we felt safe at all times and reserved all of our excursions

Monteverde Cloud Forest-
Entry fee : Students (with proof of a student email, ID, etc ) $12 for the day
Adult – $25

Coffee, Chocolate, Sugar Cane Tour – $35 w/o transportation to the tour
with pick up from hotel and transportation back after tour – $40 (Per PERSON)

Night Hike-
This one I can’t really remember but I believe this was $38. It was literally across the street form the Coffee, Chocolate, & Sugar Cane Tour we had a couple hours prior .

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