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Going to Costa Rica to save the bike again – Soft panniers from 21Brothers for the V-Strom – Ep11

Things has changed a lot since the start of the USA to Argentina trip back in 2018 on my V-Strom 650XT.
In March of 2019 I left the bike in Costa Rica with plans of returning a year later to continue the trip. We all know how that went… Costa Rica has a limit of how long you can store the bike before the government takes the bike. The limit is 1 year, exactly on the day. In episode 8 & 9 of the series I travelled to Costa Rica to save the bike from getting confiscated by the Costa Rica government. At the time it was just in the beginning of the pandemic and it didn’t end up as planned at all. It’s now passed another year and it’s time to save the V-Strom 650 before it gets confiscated. In this episode I prepare for the 2 week long trip through Costa Rica, this time riding two up together with my partner.

Some disclaimers:
I have antibodies for the current pandemic and take all precautions.
I’m not sponsored.

The adventure bike spec;
Suzuki V-Strom 650xt 2018
GIVI Windscreen
TFX 141 suspension rear
SW-Motech trax panniers and crash-bars.
Baja Designs Squadron Pro lights
Dryspec drybags D28
Rotopax 3.8L gas can


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