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Goodness Dental Safety Protocols 2020

Costa Rica is one of the healthiest nations in the world. During the COVID crisis, our tiny nation of 5 million citizens successfully managed the COVID virus resulting in very few deaths. This is an extraordinary accomplishment and proof of Costa Rica’s commitment to health and safety for everyone.
When you visit Goodness Dental, you will see a few additions to our normal safety protocols. My goal is to prepare our patients for these safety protocols, where we will expect your full participation and cooperation.

Upon entering the clinic, you will see two floor mats to sanitize your shoes. Please step on the first mat with liquid to clean off your shoes, and then step on the second mat to dry them.

Your temperature will be taken at the front desk and you will be asked to use hand sanitizer. During your visit, we will ask you to keep your hands clean by washing with soap and water.

We are committed to using the correct equipment and implementing proper safety measures to keep you and the Goodness Dental team safe. Members of the dental team will use disposable aprons, face masks, gloves, shoe coverings and the new full-coverage face shields.

We have been busy preparing for the future. We have purchased innovative new dental equipment to reduce the spread of airborne matter and new air cleaners to eliminate airborne viruses. We are implementing new protocols to improve patient safety and to reduce the spread of viral contagion. Our clinic has abundant personal protective equipment (PPE) and we are committed to keeping our patients safe.

If you have any questions about our safety protocols or have a specific need, feel free to call Goodness Dental directly to speak with your patient coordinator.

We’re here to give you a beautiful smile and keep you safe. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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