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He Was Waitlisted with a 3.98 Science GPA and 510 MCAT | Application Renovation S3 E5

Let’s review the application of a premed student with a great GPA (3.89 cGPA, 3.98 sGPA) and a solid MCAT score (510) who’s been waitlisted after his interviews. What could he have done better with his application? And what can YOU learn from it?

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Our student this week has he gotten some med school interviews but hasn’t been accepted at the time of this recording. He thinks the problems with his application may have been timing and not knowing how to convey his story.

We cover points like:

• What should you list as the hours for honors, awards, and recognitions on your med school application?
• Why he described some of his activities in a list format, and why I don’t recommend it.
• What he specifically could’ve done to show more impact in his ECs.
• The points of negativity in his application that I definitely would have removed.
• When it makes sense to list your activities as medical/clinical, and when you shouldn’t.
• Why a lot of his activity descriptions just aren’t memorable.
• What he did wrong in the opening of his personal statement.
• Why I don’t recommend writing much about the specialty you want to pursue in your personal statement.
• The massive mistake he made with his school list.

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