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Healthy Living in Quepos, Costa Rica

Here at Villas Jacquelina Bed and Breakfast in Quepos, Costa Rica we are huge fans of a healthy lifestyle! Living in this beautiful paradise there are countless ways to live an active and healthy life. Many of our guests come to Costa Rica to reduce their daily stress, stay in a clean environment, and or benefit from the affordable, quality health care. If you are ready for a change to a healthier lifestyle, Villas Jacquelina is the perfect place to start.
Let’s begin with the food…
A wide variety of tropical fruit is shipped from Costa Rica around the world. The full flavor of these, though, can only be truly enjoyed right here in Costa Rica where the fruit is tree-ripened. Watermelon, pineapple, mangoes, avocadoes, bananas, papaya, passion fruit, guava, and cantaloupe are inexpensive and plentiful.
Where can you find all this wonderful food…?
If you’re in Quepos, Costa Rica, you simply can’t miss the farmer’s market, also known as “la feria” by the locals. We attend every week for the quality & freshness of the produce, the unparalleled experience, and for the best priced fruits & veggies in the area. Shopping at the local farmers market is not only an excellent way to get a taste for the fresh and healthy produce here, but it is also a great way to support local small-scale farms in the Quepos area. Browsing through the market’s varied stands; you will encounter fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, and ornamental plants. You’ll also find traditional Costa Rican food, including tamales, homemade bread and pork rinds. The farmers’ market is open Fridays from 4-9 and Saturdays from 7 to noon. It is located on the high road on the water in Quepos, Costa Rica.
Dinner nights…
We love to throw impromptu dinners at Villas Jacquelina after shopping at the farmers market. If you are staying at Villas Jacquelina just let us know you are interested in the dinner. Using local foods inspires us to prepare healthy, plant-based meals that are delicious and high in nutrients. We also feel good about supporting people in our community who make their living on the land. It’s a win-win. Our guests eat healthier and we help our local farmers, economy and environment.
Eat locally…
Try the local fruits, vegetables, fresh fish all served at the local restaurants or sodas. A must try is the Bohemia Café, a small family ran Costa Rican Restaurant. The Bohemia café is in Downtown Quepos and is open Tues-Sat noon to 9. On Monday it’s by reservation only with 24 hour notice and closed Sunday.
Order Organic….
Another way we enjoy getting organically raised food to Villas Jacquelina is by placing an order with Epic Living Center. The Epic Living Center has proudly partnered with local certified organic farmers, located in San Ramon, to deliver a vast array of gorgeous and delicious produce weekly for your convenience. Pick up is every Wednesday at 1pm! For more information visit
Start your day off right…
Here at Villas Jacquelina we believe yoga is one of the best ways to start your day. Our yoga class was developed for everyone and takes place on our rooftop patio. When you are in harmony on our rooftop with the sounds of exotic birds filling the air, the journey through life is calmer, happier and more fulfilling. Our instructor Elle Abbey is amazing and we always have a great time. Our classes start at 7:00am daily. Villas Jacquelina is the only bed and breakfast Quepos Costa Rica that has a yoga course at this time. If you are interested in visiting our bed and breakfast in Quepos Costa Rica, visit our site
Other ways to stay active…
You cannot leave Quepos till you have tried Yoga Fitness on a Paddle Board. Our neighbors, Paddle 9, developed an exciting new way to mix fitness with the up-and-coming water sport, Paddle Boarding. The class fuses together a number of popular fitness methods from, Boot camps, Crossfit, Pilates and Yoga. This class takes place on serene and brilliantly green coastline of Manuel Antonio. Visit
Quepos has a gym! Mucho Musculo in Quepos Costa Rica is the only full service fitness center. They offer a wide selection of free weights as well as a variety of weight machines, elliptical & spinning bikes to help you slim down or bulk up.
Sunset beach runs always are a great way to stay fit while experiencing a beautiful ocean sunset.

For more information on living an active lifestyle visit


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