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HOME BIRTHS IN COSTA RICA, natural birth information

HOME BIRTHS IN COSTA RICA, and natural birth information is scarce but here is what I have collectted for you guys. Homebirths are fairly new in Costa Rica, that brings a lot of unknown things with it. Laws can change at any moment because they pretty much non existent. Few things that you have to count with anyways would be, extensive paperwork, probably travel, and you need patience.

Links mentioned in the video

Homebirthing midwifes in Costa Rica


Private Doctor that supports natural births
Dr. Adam Paer (2288-7576 ext. 111 at Mediplaza, 2208-1406 at CIMA Hospital; 4-D ultrasound, birthing tub, natural childbirth practitioner available as a primary obstetrician and/or backup to midwife-delivered home-birth.

Dr. Carlos Orozco (2256-0856); Pediatrician, practices both traditional and homeopathic pediatric medicine.

Tico times article about giving birth in a public hospital

Giving birth through Costa Rica’s public health care system

My birth experience in a public hospital

Doula in Costa Rica
Ansu Coto (2224-5806); Besides her role as a doula, Ansu is a certified hypnobirthing instructor, and also teaches yoga for pregnancy and massage for babies (among other classes) at the Gaia Center for Integral Balance in San Pedro.

Civil Registry of Costa Rica phone number
2287-5472 or 2287-5555

Article and blog post about giving birth in Costa Rica

There are many reasons why you might want to give birth in Costa Rica, maybe it’s cheaper than your home country or you are trying to get residency, or you are just simply pregnant and are curious about more natural options. In this video is everything that I was able to collect but I still always recommend to make your own research and confirm information that was given to you.


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