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How Ikarians Live 10 Years Over The Average | The Art Of Living | Tonic

Ikaria, an isolated island in the Greek archipelago, is on average 10 years older than the rest of Europe. Niklas meets wine producers and beekeepers, and takes a closer look at what the cause may be.

Niklas travels the world exploring Blue Zones, areas where people often turn over 100 years old. What is it that makes a long life in these places not only possible but also likely?

In this food and lifestyle documentary series, internationally renowned chef Niklas Ekstedt explores the secret of living past the age of 100. He’s travelling to six of the world’s ‘blue zones’ – regions such as Sardinia, Costa Rica, and Okinawa in Japan, where unusually high numbers of people reach an advanced age – in a quest to find the recipe for a long and healthy life. Along the way, he befriends locals and gets to know them, joining in with their daily routines and discussing their approaches to life, food, and ageing. He also reveals different ways of living. For example, in Ikaria, Greece, he discovers a town which keeps the stress levels down by not keeping track of time. And, as you would expect from a leading chef, he also can’t resist sampling some of the local specialties in every place he visits.

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